the moment when milk mixes with tea and change the colour of the transparent, bright and brownish red colour of it. This is the colour of the ‘right’ consistency of proper tea, which is called “tavşan kanı” (rabbit’s blood) in Turkish. As I pour milk into tea, this ‘right’ hue acquires an opaque light brown colour, the colour of British tea, or at least a way of drinking tea that I associate with Britishness. The proper colour of the tea defined by my cultural habits is undone.


the stress is on the merging of things, the transformation of one thing into another. in-between, the things seem to de-form and trans-form, evoking the transition and transformation I am caught up in-between.


caught up within a flux, in a movement, to the extent that the process, the movement overcoming the fixed, stable position of the object. The acts that result in this transformation belong to the acts of settling down, of arrival; the horizons ripple, the tensions are negotiated as the outlines of my home unsettles.


The landscape prints are based on the close-up observation of a daily habit of the locals; the collective acts of scaping the land that shapes the ground I remain in in this strange place.


video stills emphasise the unsettling of the infra tiny horizon line.




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