shifting territories2

I wanted to draw a different kind of map, that defies these exclusionary agendas and hence to redraw borders that would resist the rigid boundaries.

shifting territories

the national maps that draw, “the final line of resistance between a mythical ‘us’ and an equally mythical ‘them’” (Rogoff, 2000, p.113). The visual manifestation of national entities appearing on national maps signifies a territorial idea, the borders of the national maps end where they start, thus, they draw an enclosed form. In this way the borders do not close to others, but they also close upon themselves.

shifting territories3

redraw the map with a black wire, bending the wire in the form of the Turkish map and hanging it on the wall multiple times.

shifting territories4

each time I changed the spot where the map was hung, the orientation of the map as well as the form and the territory it defined were transformed. The wire twisted with the resonance of the movement. The knot that tied the beginning of the map to its end and held the map together became loose.

shifting territories6
shifting territories7
shifting territories9
accents on turkish alphabet...

carved on the english one

alphabet book

turkish and english alphabets juxtaposed upon one another

alphabet book