when turned into a pattern, the portraits loose their recognizability; images do not suddenly give themselves to recognition; it is hard to identify them at first glance. On one hand, I marked the room with my image, on the other hand, as the image was hard to recognize, the room still looked empty. the patterns expand towards the space with this undulation which makes it harder to takea position in it. The movement plays with the solidity of the walls, and the position of the spectator.



I take a plate of goat leather and turned it into a lacework by cutting it with wood knife. In this work I focused on the process of taming and domesticating the unfamiliar again.


I focused on the act of decoration, as apart from its beautifying function it is used also for domestication, breaking up the resistance of the strangeness. In the act of decoration there is a tendency to tame the decorated, incorporate the unfamiliar into the familiar, thus ordering, disciplining it according to the grammar of the idea of the known.

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